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Here you will find a sample menu for Lil’faces Child Care...and the USDA meals that we serve. In the future we will post more sample menus for parents & providers to see.  If you have menu ideas you would like to share, please send them to us at:

Below you’ll also find nutrition information and links to visit that are very informative! Be sure to check them out!

Not Available at this Time! Parents Click Here for Lil’faces Weekly Lunch Menu for the kids!

* Please be patient while the sample menu loads :o)

Lil’faces offers vegetarian alternatives daily *Ü*

The Food Pyramid for Young Children

If you are interested in receiving a packet of information for
your can contact the U.S. Government Printing
Office in Washington, DC at:
(202) 512-1800 and order at kit for $5.00.
stock number #001-00004665-9

The packet has really terrific information.....and includes: 8 1/2 X 11 Food Pyramid for Young Children (full color sheet as shown above)
8 1/2 x 11 black & white Food Pyramid for Young children
3 pages: Plan for Your Young Child...chart to keep track of foods served.
A full-sized color wall poster of the Food Pyramid for Young Children,
and a full color 16 page guide of Tips for using the Food Guide Pyramid.

A must have for all daycare providers and parents!

** USDA Food Program Links &
Information for Day Care Providers**

The USDA Food Program is provided to educate
parents, daycare providers, and food service personnel, about healthy eating, and proper portion sizes for our children's growing needs. From ages one year, when children are
eating regular foods, and have out grown their need for
baby food is when the food program begins...
and continues through age 12.

Part of a daily healthy eating plan includes all of the
following food groups:
Breads, grains, cereals, pasta, and rolls.
Fruits, vegetables, and juice
Meats, cheeses, proteins, and legumes
Milk, yogurts, cottage cheeses, and
occasional fats & sweets....are part of our
daily diet, but not included in the food program.

** Daily Requirements and Points to Remember **

~ Keep daily menu records ~

~ The required amound of each food must be offered ~

~ Use full - strength juice ~

~ These are inimum requirements (below), larger portion
sizes may be served ~

Nutrition Education and Training Program Products Database

Food and Nutrition Information Center

The Childcare Nutrition Resource System

Oregon Child Nutrition Programs

All of these Links have hundreds of resources...
Check them out, they are fantastic!!!!!

*USDA Food Chart courtesy of The Food and Nutrition Service,
Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning.

Thank you to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for developing the
pyramid program, and for allowing us to share information with each other.

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