Infant & Toddler Care

Special Care for Infants & Toddlers at Lil’faces Child Care:

In the Bethany area Infant and Toddler care are in high demand and yet hard to find because not many registered providers care for infants or toddlers.  After doing much research in my area I’ve decided it was time to provide specialized & loving care for our littlest age group!

I have over 25 years experience working with newborns & toddlers and they are my favorite age simply because they are so innocent and learn everything from their family and loved ones they depend on each day.
For this reason I believe it’s extremely important to have this tender
age in
home daycare instead of a center.  Centers can be
positive for many families with older children, however,
newborns and toddlers need extra love & attention and
our little one’s deserve the safe feeling and security
of a loving home atmosphere to come to each day!

A Very Small Group:

At Lil’faces Child Care I take pride in enrolling a very small group of up to 4 full-time (sometimes part-time) children! This allows me to give the needed attention to all of the young children in our care as they grow.  Although I’m allowed to care for up to ten full-time children, it has been my policy for many years to care
for up to four which gives parents peace of mind knowing
there is a 1:4 provider / child ratio.

If you’re interested in a small, intimate, fun & caring group for
your precious little ones to grow, please call Laura at:
971-570-0603 for more information, for an interview
or to receive our flyer with details!

What Lil’faces Provides for your Child:

~ A small group of children to provide one on one attention and to learn self help skills as they grow.

~ A pleasant atmosphere for children to play, to feel safe and
to build a
trusting environment.

~ Planned play , age appropriate / sensory activities and toys
for infants & toddlers.

~ Meals are provided once your child turns one year of age and are able begin to eat finger foods on their own with some guidance.

~ Cribs to sleep in, a play yard and plenty of space to play.

~ Activities such as music, dancing, coloring, story-time and the Funshine Express fun learning curriculum for ages 2.5 and up.

~ Lil’faces does not transport children in a vehicle!  All of our outings are in our fenced backyard & weather permitting!

~ Most importantly at Lil’faces we give each child the love and attention needed as they grow. They are given opportunities
each day to develop in a safe home where they learn the most
important things during they’re
impressionable years of life....
to be caring, respectful, sharing, to feel safe, know that they are
loved and to learn as they play!!!!  Playing is a big job!

Just Playing

When I'm building in the block room, please don't say I'm "Just Playing".
For you see, I'm learning as I play, about balance and shapes.
Who knows, I may be an architect someday.

When I'm getting all dressed up, setting the table, caring for the babies,
Don't get the idea I'm "Just Playing". For, you see, I'm learning as I play;
I may be a mother or a father someday.

When you see me up to my elbows in paint or standing at an easel, or molding and shaping clay, Please don't let me
hear you say, "He is Just Playing". 
For, you see, I'm learning as I play. I'm expressing myself and
being creative.  I may be an artist or an inventor someday.

When you see me sitting in a chair "reading" to an imaginary audience,
Please don't laugh and think I'm "Just Playing".
For, you see, I'm learning as I play.
I may be a teacher someday.

When you see me combing the bushes for bugs, or packing my pockets with choice things I find, Don't pass it off as "Just Play".
For you see, I'm learning as I play.
I may be a scientist someday.

When you see me engrossed in a puzzle or some "plaything" at my school,
Please don't feel the time is wasted in "Play".
For, you see, I'm learning as I play.
I'm learning to solve problems and concentrate.
I may be in business someday.

When you see me cooking or tasting foods,
Please don't think that because I enjoy it, it is "Just Play".
I'm learning to follow direction and see differences.
I may be a cook someday.

When you see me learning to skip, hop, run and move my body,
please don't say I'm "Just Playing".
For, you see, I'm learning as I play.
I'm learning how my body works.
I may be a doctor, nurse or athlete someday.

When you ask me what I've done at school today, and I say, "I Just Played",
Please don't misunderstand me. For you see, I'm learning as I play.
I'm learning to enjoy and be successful in my work. I'm preparing for tomorrow.
Today, I am a child and my work is play.

~Written by Anita Wadley

Lil’faces Now specializes in Infant & Toddler care for ages 6 weeks to 3 years....we also enroll preschool age children!

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